The Look of Things

One of the fun parts of working in television “having to” dress up every day for work.

The hair, the makeup, the wardrobe (all three of which I was solely responsible for, so file with the Complaint Department at the front), it was kinda fun to have a job where one of my responsibilities was to look presentable.

Like, “Gee, I really didn’t WANT to have to buy this new makeup, but my job demands me to do it, so ring me up!!”

I’m not gonna lie. Three weeks into stay-at-home life, I miss the primping.

Strike that. Let’s just boil it down to this: I miss the daily shower.

Don’t get me wrong: I rush through the showering process every night, but in the least-relaxing way possible, and not before at least one tiny person barges through the door demanding I immediately join them for Paw Patrol. My daily wardrobe is workout clothes of the not-cute variety (hello sweatpants!) and my makeup is minimal, to put it kindly–mainly applied to make sure I don’t scare the other kids at the playground.

But the upside is, I’m asleep every night by 9:45, I’m finally, FINALLY, cleaning out old clothes the kids have grown out of, and we all sit down to a meal together every night. Every night I get to hear Sammy tell me all about why spinosauruses like to eat sharks, and listen to Francesca sing the alphabet.

My house is a little cleaner, but I’m a little scrubbier. My clothes get washed faster, but the kids get dirtier quicker with more playground trips. Our groceries get eaten faster, but we are all eating together. So, you know. I would say it’s all pretty good.

So yes, the look of things these days… A little less fashionable than years past, but sweeter in just about every way.

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