The Most Bingeworthy TV Shows for Women on Netflix

First things first: Has anyone been experiencing changes to their sleep patterns since the quarantine/lockdown started? I was on the best cycle of early wake/early workout since last year, and as soon as this all hit, nada. I just can’t get out of bed before 7, and more often, 8:00. You know things are bad when your kids get up before you, turn on the TV and wait for mom to wake up. #motheroftheyear

But I truly believe it’s important to honor the body and its signals, and I am clearly experiencing some sort of energetic deficit that my body needs to make up for at night. So late wake-ups, it is.

All that being said, because I’m so tired at night, I’ve been opening up little pockets of time during the course of the day to binge on Netflix.

Please don’t mistake this for me saying I sit down and actually watch TV; it’s more like I plug in my headphones, put the kids in front of their iPads, start angry-cleaning some corner of the house, and then I binge a show for a good hour.

Here are some of the shows that are saving me lately.

Hey, a little laugh goes a long way in lockdown.

The Most Bingeworthy (and Women-Centric) Netflix TV Shows for Lockdown

The High School Show I Never Thought I’d Love:

Never Have I Ever

TV Shows For Women On Netflix, never have I ever review

Let’s start out of the gate with a dark horse–a teen dramedy (drama + comedy). Never Have I Ever, which is produced by The Office star and writer Mindy Kaling, is the delicious revisiting of your high school years you never knew you needed.

Outcast–and newly-minted sophomore–Devi is trying to avoid the big emotions associated with the sudden death of her father, and distracts herself by trying to get with the hottest guy in school. The writing on this one is clever, Devi herself (Maitreyi Ramakrishnan) is bubbly and admirably sharp-tongued, and the dynamic of the cast just works. I don’t usually go for shows aimed at a younger audience, but this one is the exception. So worth your time, if you’re looking for a fast-paced and funny distracted. You’ll love.

The One You’ll Say OMG YES!!! to, Like, Every Five Minutes:

Workin’ Moms

TV Shows For Women On Netflix, workin moms review Sonni

Never have I ever felt more similar to a TV character than Kate Foster. Is it the potty mouth? The constant war between a love of one’s family and a love of one’s work? The struggle with leaky nipples during breastfeeding? ALL OF THE ABOVE.

I already wrote a fan post about this series a while back, which aptly describes my obsession, but just add to that piece: Season Four is better than ever. Just watch it. It’s that good. (And funny.) The episode “Charlie and the Weed Factory” is worth a second, and maybe a third or fourth, watch.

The Dark Comedy for BFF’s:

Dead to Me

TV Shows For Women On Netflix

Murder and death aren’t methods of bonding, per se, but the dark themes that envelope this buddy drama are more of a backdrop to a beautiful–and difficult–friendship between two women that sees itself through challenges time and time again. And again.

Seriously. “Plot twist” is the phrase that keeps coming to mind when I think about how best to describe this show. It took me about three episodes to get fully invested, but I’ve been binging ever since. You will love every bit of it. And sidetone: It’s hard not to fall in love with Linda Cardellini’s Judy. And it took me watching this show for me to realize, you know what, Christina Applegate is a superb actor.

Overall, this one is just… *chef’s kiss*. Love it. Watch it.

Now I need to know: What shows are you binging and loving? I’m almost through all the episodes of these three, so I’ll need some suggestions! Hit me up in Comments!


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