The Other Side of the Camera

Since I started blogging, I came to realize–very quickly–the importance of photography. As much as the words matter, the pictures matter, too.

So that’s why I started an unofficial photography course as of today. As of now, I know how to press the button. ?

I kid. But if you have any tips on the best type of camera to use for blog pictures, I’m all ears! Let me know in Comments below!

5 thoughts on “The Other Side of the Camera”

  1. Sonni, about a year after I started blogging I invested in a Nikon DSLR camera and a 50mm lens. It was a really great purchase and one that has made all the difference in the quality of my content! Just keep practicing and you will get the hang of it soon! Good luck and have fun 🙂

    1. Hey Jamie! Thanks so much for writing in! If you don’t mind me asking, what specific model did you get? I’m working on a Nikon right now and am wondering if it will fit the bill for what I need. Also, please link your blog in your next comment so I can check it out! xoxo, Sonni

      1. Mine is a Nikon D3300. I would say that you don’t really need one of the high-end, super expensive ones for blogging. I also use mine for product photography and i’m able to get really nice detailed close ups.

        Here is the link to my blog:

        P.S. I’m a Pittsburgh native and I’ve enjoyed following your career! 🙂

        1. Just checked out your site and it’s gorgeous! #bloggoals haha. Do you take your own fashion shots or work with someone? They all look awesome!

          1. Aww thanks so much! My boyfriend has always taken the majority of them. He’s gotten pretty good at it over the last year or two. When I’m in a bind I will hire a photographer. I have a photog on my morning show who does still photography on the side and he’s been awesome to work with too!

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