The Shirt I’ll Be Wearing All Summer

Ever find yourself buying the same pieces over and over (and over) again?

That’s me and any button-down denim or chambray shirt. I immediately get all Gimme Gimme Gimme when I see a great piece that fits that bill, and this one is no different.

I have this shirt in a sleeveless version from Gap and wear it literally non-stop, so when I came across this long sleeve version of my favorite style at Target and it was under $20, not only did I immediately snap it up, but I also took a moment to praise the Style Gods that Target’s new lines are so freaking incredibly awesome, especially their Universal Thread line. I’ve done a post on their awesome jeans already, and it turns out their shirts are just as good in quality and fit.

And their whole collection of button downs is equally adorable. I may have to buy the rest of the line at this rate. It’s that good.






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