The Sisterhood

Hey you.

Yeah, you. The one who’s sitting, scrolling, exhausted, eyes heavy with exhaustion.

Welcome to the sisterhood. Motherhood.

We’re a wily bunch here.

We moms? We’re lots of things, as I’m sure you’re already realizing.




Fed up.



The fixers. (Even when we don’t have the answers).

Able to get by on just a few hours of sleep.

And just like you realized the moment you held your sweet baby in your arms–wilted from exhaustion but heart bursting with joy–tough as nails.

It’s kinda crazy how badass we are.

And you? You’re in for it, sister. And I mean that in the best of ways.

You’re about to have a front row seat to some Grade A cuteness; feel your heart quite literally burst with love; experience some first-class worry; and see first hand that the most beautiful things can happen at 3am in a rocking chair.

You, mama? You’re a superhero. In their eyes, and in mine.

But even superheroes need a break sometimes.

And in those moments when you feel like you can’t save the world, take off that cape. Breathe. And know it’s going to be all right.

Hold your baby tight, breathe, and cry if you must. But know this: Your sisters are there to catch you. To remind you that, while it’s not perfect, it’s all perfectly beautiful. And that you can live in the mess, the craziness, the imperfection. Because, as you’ll start to see, that’s where the beauty lives.

You’re going to be fine. No, you’re going to be great.

Because when you joined this sisterhood, you joined for life.

And you’re signed up alongside some pretty awesome ladies.

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