The Style Project: In Praise of the Jumpsuit

Mornings with kids usually go something like this:

Wake up; make beds; make breakfast; feed kids; run away to my closet for 45 seconds to put on outfit; run back out when a kid screams; run back into closet to finish getting dressed.

Rinse and repeat, daily.

I’m not mad at it… Hashtag Mom Life and all that… but it does make it kind of tricky to get all creative with my outfits when the truth is I’m lucky to walk out of the house with a pair of pants on–period–let alone a pair that matches the top I’m wearing.

Enter, jumpsuits.

These magical all-in-one creations make getting ready (and looking good) so simple, it’s almost criminal. Or rather, it’s almost like I can get back a solid 15 seconds in my morning routine to do something I really need to do. (Probably pee.)

All this to say, if it’s a simple but classic look you’re after, the jumpsuit is the best way to go.

The one I am wearing here is by a brand called Bobi, and all of their options are so great that I may just have to buy more–this one, this one and this one are all insanely cute. And this one would look perfect with a pair of flat sandals for summer.

I’ve linked a bunch of other great options below, too. Enjoy, and keep it simple this spring and summer!












Do you have any favorite casual outfits that make you feel put together? Tell me more in Comments below!

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