The Perfect Black Pants for Day or Night (on MAJOR SALE!)

Black pants. Everybody’s got a pair. They’re so darn … what’s the word I’m looking for here? … reliable.

And I mean that in the best possible way.

Like, your mom picking up the phone when you call even though it’s 3am reliable.

Or your complete and utter discomfort at your ten-year high school reunion reliable.

Or the fact that your infant is going to get up like clockwork throughout the night, thereby denying you any amount of sleep considered reasonable for your survival reliable.

You can just count on ’em to be there, doing what they do–which is to say, looking pretty damn good–no matter how you style them.

And this pair of black pants is my favorite find as of late, redefining what it means to be both reliable and chic. (They also happen to be 40% off and under $100!) And they’re unique in that they would be just as “at home” dressed up with a pretty blouse and heels as they are with a plain old t-shirt and boots.

That? That is my kind of pant.

The tuxedo stripe down the side is velvet but subtle. I paired it here with a trusty old Gap t-shirt and my favorite-ever (or at least one of them) pair of black booties. Throw on a statement belt and earrings (love my pair from Dora Mae Jewelry–shop them HERE!) and you’re good to go!


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Have a pair of black pants that are your standby favorites? I’d love to hear more in Comments below!

Sonni Abatta is an Orlando lifestyle and mom blogger and a mom of three. Want to work together? Reach out here!

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