The Style Project: The Softest High-Waisted Jeans and Tee

Want to know what the Fashion Gods’ gift to women everywhere is? High-waisted pants. To be more specific, high-waisted jeans.

I know, I know, I’ve waxed poetic about the glories of the high rise jeans before, but I couldn’t not dedicate another post to another pair of amazing jeans, because honestly, one can never have too many pairs of jeans she actually enjoys wearing, right?

Here’s the thing about this pair: They allow you to look like you GAF when in fact your Try Meter is actually registering at an all-time low.

These jeans are comfy. (“How comfy, Sonni?”) So comfy you may find yourself tucking into the nearest corner for a nap, comfy.

I told you before about Mother Denim and why I am Completely. Obsessed. My level of obsession has only grown with this new pair. I took a chance on a style I wouldn’t normally grab–an ankle fray with a boot cut–when they were on sale recently, and I was shocked at how much I love the style and fit. Kind of retro, kind of modern… all sorts of awesome.

The fact that they remind me of that (very) short, sweet slice of time after my super-awkward middle school years but before my super-awkward high school years is just icing on the cake. (#longlivethe90s)

I wore them here with another new obsession of mine–my Mamacita tee from The Bee and the Fox. How cute is this design?! And it comes in other styles, too! Check them out here and here!

And if you see me curled up in the corner of a Starbucks or other public place, peacefully slumbering, just know that it’s my super soft, high-wasted, tuck-away-my-fears-along-with-my-mom-pooch jeans that made me do it. Then? Go get a pair.

Do you have a pair of jeans so soft they make you want to curl up in a pile in public and pass the hell out? Let me know below in Comments!

Sonni Abatta is a wife, mom of 3, a dedicated enthusiast of high-waisted pants (can you blame her?) and runs this Orlando lifestyle and mom blog. Want to chat? Collaborate? Talk about the merits of soft-combed denim? Reach out here!




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