The Style Project, Week 1: The Perfect Simple Dress (Under $60!)

Here we go!

For the first installment of The Style Project, I’m sharing a favorite of mine that’s something I turn to time and again–a basic, comfortable dress that is chic and simple. And it’s made of cotton, which means it’s washable. (#becausekidsandtheirdirtyhands)

This style in particular is so awesome that it’s survived three major clothing purges, two years and a whole lot of wear; and the best part is, it’s super affordable–under $60! This exact one is sold out, but this one is nearly identical. I will wear this dress for almost any occasion–date night, with flats for a day trip, or even with leggings or tights on a colder day. And it’s because of that versatility that I’m super excited to share it with you!

As far as shoes, I’m the world’s biggest fan of simple black booties. In these pics I have the dress paired with these ones, but I also own these and wear the crap out of them too. Both pairs look good with jeans and a sweater, casual dresses and so much more. A great investment!

And if you want an extra layer of warmth or just a little something extra, I’m in love with my Topshop faux fur vest, which my husband affectionately calls my “Chewbacca vest.” This exact one has sold out, but it’s available here in light brown at 50% off, and this one is almost an exact dupe and is less than $40!


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See you guys next time!

Sonni Abatta is a retired TV news anchor and current wife, mom of 3 and Orlando-based lifestyle and mom blogger. One guess as to which job pays better. 😐 Want to work together or just chat? Reach out here!



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