The Two At-Home Workout Apps I’m Swearing By in Quarantine

Okay, let’s start off here: You do NOT have to work out while in lockdown. Let’s be honest: There is so, so much happening both outside in the world, and in our own minds and hearts, that sometimes you just don’t have the bandwidth to work out. Like, the last thing that some people are wanting to do right now is exert energy that they need just to get through the day.

That being said, I find great relief from anxiety in working out, and these are some apps and online workout programs I’ve been swearing by while in quarantine.

Online workout apps

Why Working Out at Home is Great

There is no wasted time! No time spent driving to and from the workout studio/gym means you can get it done in a shorter amount of time, and really use your energy to focus on the workout itself.

I set up by putting the kids in front of an iPad (ha!), rolling out a yoga mat in my bedroom, grabbing a quick water and getting right to it.

The One that Has it All: The Jillian Michaels App

Workouts are quick but effective

I’m doing the 60-Day Slim Down, and the workouts are around 27 minutes, including warmup and cool down, and let me tell you, I am sore the next day. These workouts, while short, are that good.

Diet Advice and Recipes are Included

Things like matcha chia pudding, steak and Parmesan salad, veggie soup, apple cinnamon protein shake… The amount of recipes on this app is insane. They even break it down into a grocery list so you can see exactly what you need to shop for in one place.

Track Your Journey in the App

You can upload pictures, view your workout history and even see a total of how many calories you’ve burned so far in your workouts. There’s also a Community section, where you can connect with other people about their fitness journey.

The Cost

Right now Jillian is offering free 7-minute daily workouts if you just download the app (which is also free to download), but if you want access to the whole list of resources I included above, you have to subscribe. As of date of publishing, the cost is around $70/year, billed monthly.

Worth it?

A resounding YES.

The Workout that's Good for Mind and Body: barre3

So this one isn’t an app, but you log onto your account on the barre3 website and stream the workouts from there.

I screen mirror from my phone onto my TV so the picture is a little bigger, but I’ve also worked out right from my phone and it was just fine that way as well!

A Core-Strengthening Workout that’s Gentle on Your Joints

In my opinion, the best thing about a barre3 workout is the insane core toning you get. If it’s tightening your core and stomach that you’re after, barre3 is for you. Since there is very little stepping, marching or jumping, you also get a workout that is really easy on the joints. Recovering or current runners with a history of injuries or joint issues (myself included) really love these classes because they are so gentle on the body.

Read up on why barre3 is such an amazing workout for moms HERE, and check out my 30 Something with Sonni Podcast interview with barre3 master trainer, Lisa Schale-Drake, HERE!

A Community Built on Strength

Not to sound corny, but one of my favorite things about barre3 is the people. It’s one of those workouts that feels spiritual on some level–the cool down, in particular, where you’re feeling really in touch with all that your body has just done–and it becomes a real bonding experience. The teachers are positive, calm and affirming, and the women (and men!) that this workout tends to attract are just super chill, kind people. And that chill vibe even extends to their virtual instructors.

How to Try barre3

Right now you can try barre3 for free for 15 days, and beyond that their digital membership is $29/month.

Worth It?

Oh yes. There is a reason I’m going 4+ years strong with this workout; it’s good for both the body and the spirit.

Other Much-Loved Apps and Online Workouts

My sister swears by THEWKOUT.

Meanwhile, the whole rest of the internet is raving about The Class. Supposed to be a very physical and emotional–like, people cry–workout.

And finally, an amazing moms’ group I belong to, HeyMama, has offered P.volve classes to its members, and that’s another one that’s getting rave reviews.

Have you been working out while in lockdown? Let me know what’s working/not working for you! Drop into Comments or message me on Instagram!


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