There’s Nothing Like a Sister

sonni abatta sister

For all my women friends out there, a quick question: Is there anyone in life more similar, and yet more different, than a sister?

You don’t even have to have a sibling yourself to know this (I know for sure that all moms do)–no two siblings are ever made alike.

We differ on small things–like, Do you really have to pay $300 for a serum that works??–but line up on all the big ones.

And as I parent and watch my own children play, I frequently find myself remembering all the things my sister and I got up to in our childhood. From lemonade stands on a way-too-busy road to attract customers (ha!); to days on the lake fishing with our Pap and cousins; to dressing up our dog and pushing him a stroller like a baby, we were thick as thieves.

Even through our disagreements as both kids and adults, I always come back to a deep gratefulness for this person that God gave me to go through life with.

Then there’s the science behind sisters–crazy interesting research that shows that those of us with sisters can be happier people overall and maybe even boost your interpersonal skills.

And don’t even get me started on the fascinating science behind birth order and how it impacts our personalities.

I think this is another case of science proving something that many of us already intuitively know–brothers and sisters, while sometimes being the biggest pain in the ass and/or heart, can also be the greatest emotional gift.

So let’s meet my greatest emotional gift, shall we? 😉

Meet my sister - sonni abatta sister

Nicole: Dress | Hat | Boots

Sonni: Dress (similar) | Shoes (similar)

Nicole is notoriously Internet shy (we are working on that!), but I thought it would give you a peek into not only her personality, but also that fascinating sibling dynamic, which can probably, in turn, help to clarify some of my own weird ways.

Here we go! Meet my sister!

sonni abatta sister

So, are you the older sister or the younger sister?

Older and wiser 😉

Does older mean wiser?

Previous answer. But honestly, wiser with some things but foolish with others.

Give me three words that best describe your personality.

Spontaneous, loving, dramatic

Favorite childhood memory?

Too many to name but quite a few include food, family and silly decisions

What is the biggest lesson you learned from having a sibling (ME!)?

So many. I’ve learned that showing your feelings doesn’t make you weak; taking your time with things proves beneficial (and also fewer re-do’s); and that having a younger sibling can make you feel like you’ve done a lot of cool things in life. 

Where are we most likely to find you when you have a day off?

Does a mom ever have a day off?! Ha! Fitness regimen for sure, scrolling the internet for fashion finds and my next place to jet set to, and catching up on my newest Netflix obsession (TBD).

Person who inspires you most?

I’ve often thought of this, but have a hard time picking just one. Depends on the area of life… My family has generally been great inspiration. My parents are still married after 40+ years- something I wasn’t able to do first time around so I really have a respect for that.

Favorite book?

Again, committing to one thing is so hard!

Word on the street is you are the Fashionable Sister. What’s one thing you think all women should have in their closet?

Great denim–both jeans and shorts.  There isn’t any place you couldn’t go in a great pair of denim and killer shoes. (Did someone say stilettos?!?!?!)

Anything else you want to add?


meet my sister

See that last answer? Told you she was internet shy. 😉

I’m thinking I need to drag her into more of my shenanigans. She’s seriously great with fashion–the true yin to my yang. What do you think? 🙂

And tell me: Are you and your sibling alike, or are you like us and two sides to the same coin?

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