These 3 Products Will Give You the Perfect Nude Lip

products to get the perfect nude lip

Things that are bad when nude: You, in public. Things that are good when nude: Your lips, anywhere.

But let’s be real: It’s hard to find that perfect combination of products that gives you a perfect nude lip that looks just right. That’s why I’m here! Consider me your personal beauty lackey. I try it all–and in every combination–to save you time and money.

So without further adieu, let’s talk about today’s cocktail of products–the lipstick, liner, and gloss that will get you nude–in the most socially-acceptable way possible.


The Lipstick

I’ve talked about this product on my Instagram before, and it’s worth mentioning again because lipstick really is that good.

Charlotte Tilbury’s Nude Kate. Freaking awesome. I would actually marry this lipstick if it had a good job and the ability to engage in witty candlelit banter. Seriously. Obsessed.

This shade doesn’t give you any pink, any color, any anything. It just brings you back to a true nude, J. Lo-circa-Waiting-for-Tonight style. (Which I think we can all agree was a pretty badass period for her.)

Lipstick for a perfect nude lip

How I Use It

When doing a perfect nude lip, I actually apply the lipstick first, so I don’t get that harsh, too-done, lipliner look. I swipe on two light coats and let it sit for a few minutes.

Worth noting: Everyone’s base lip color is a little different, so what is “nude” for one person won’t necessarily be the same for the next.

For reference, I’ve included a (very unprofessional, bordering-on-embarrassing, definitely and most certainly creepy) picture of me with nothing on my lips, so you can see my starting point. My skin tone is light-to-medium with golden undertones, and I wear Medium Beige in the bareMinerals Original Loose Powder Foundation.

Sonni's bare lips

products to get the perfect nude lip

The Lip Liner

Next up comes the lip liner. Yet another Charlotte Tilbury pick here! (I’m hard-pressed to find anyone who’s doing a better shade range than her these days when it comes to lip products.)

This is Pillow Talk, and I’m sure you’ve seen it on another blog or Instagram page (or ten) because this product is everywhere, with everyone talking about how freaking amazing it is. Because it is.

I can best describe the shade like light pink, a cool-toned liner that is as close to a true nude as you can get. Love it.

How I Use It

After the lipstick soaks in a bit, start on your top lip at the cupid’s bow. Lightly trace from the middle out to each side, and then down. Repeat on the bottom lip.

This is important: Stay right on the edge of the lipstick line! Don’t “over-line” your lips, a la Kylie. With a nude lip, it’s important that you stay within the regular boundaries of your lips because you want them to look as natural as possible.

lip gloss for nude lips

The Gloss

This is an optional step, but I find that it adds just the right amount of pop and shine when done right.

This Kopari Tinted Coconut Lip Glossy in Birthday Suit is the final step in my nude lip look. It’s got the slightest touch of shimmer but reads mainly clear on the lips. That’s a horrible explanation. But just trust me, it’s a great nude gloss.

How I Use It

I dab the smallest bit–the size of half a pea–onto the middle of my bottom lip, then lightly press my lips together several times.

Don’t overdo it! Too much gloss will make the lipstick feel like it’s sliding right off, and after all that hard work, we don’t want that. Plus, if your lips are too glossy, you will look like a Juicy Tube lover, circa the early aughts, a time period that–no matter who says is a good idea–would not be fun to re-live. (Trust me.)

products to get the perfect nude lip

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