These Tips from a Celebrity Fashion Stylist Will Transform Your Wardrobe, Like, NOW

styling tips by melanie pace

Let’s be honest: Getting dressed, especially after the body changes that can happen after kids, can be frustrating. Even if you don’t have kids, we’ve all been in a spot where our bodies have changed, and re-tooling your wardrobe can be a challenge.

Those are just a couple of the reasons I wanted to bring a stylist on my podcast–and not just any stylist, but a woman who’s used to working with celebrities on down to us normal folk.

Melanie Pace has been at the styling game for 14 years, and now that she is a new mom herself, she has even more perspective on how to dress and tailor (pun intended) your wardrobe to take you further in the new year.

You have to go listen to the full interview to get all her amazing tips (duh), but here I’ve broken down some of the best Celebrity Stylist wardrobe tips that you can start to use today!

simple wardrobe tips new year melanie pace

Start with What You've Got

And that means, look at what you’ve already got in your closet. Specifically, take a look at your blazers and button-down shirts, because Melanie gave me this one tip when we worked together than immediately changed the way I wear these clothes, which I used to think of as formal only.

Here it is: Take the sleeves on a cute blazer or button-down shirt literally and roll them up. It seriously changes the entire look.

What was once a buttoned-up, more formal vibe, is now casual and younger.

Melanie brings up a good point when discussing this in the podcast. She says that showing off your wrists immediately makes a look a lot more youthful, vibrant and even a little sexier, because you’re seeing skin. Makes total sense, right?

Another tip she gave me that I absolutely love is transitioning a slip dress through the seasons by layering it. While you wear it alone during the spring and summer months, you can layer tights underneath it and a cozy sweater on top, with boots, for the colder seasons. YES MEL. Bring the wisdom.

simple wardrobe tips new year melanie pace

Embrace "Basic"

I’m talking good jeans, and good t-shirts. There’s a reason that certain items of our wardrobe become staples.

For jeans (you know this by now), you can totally dress them up or down; but a good basic t-shirt is also great because when it’s clean, pressed and worn with a nice pair of slacks or jeans, it can also become dressy. Or you can layer it under a nice blazer or jacket with some great earrings and boom, another look.

I’m linking some of my favorite jeans styles below, but definitely experiment with this one. Start by trying out several fits: Do you like skinny jeans, or are you more of a wide-leg girl? Try different rises, too–mid-rise, high-rise (my favorite), or (God bless if this one still works for you beyond age 19), the low-rise.

This does require you actually go into a store, or buy several jeans at one time to try on at home, but it’s so worth it. When you start to figure out what styles work best on your body, it becomes easier to shop both online and in person, because you won’t be wasting time trying out looks you know don’t work for you.

As for t-shirts, I’ve also included some amazing fits at several budget points.

Favorite Jeans:

Favorite Tees:

simple wardrobe tips new year melanie pace

Live in the Now!!

You know I had to quote one of my all-time favorite movies here, because what Garth said is TRUE, y’all. LIVE IN THE NOW!!!

Your body is what it is right NOW. Don’t fight it.. You may not like it, and you may be trying to change it in some way, but you know what’s not gonna work when it’s 8:47 and you have to be at school drop-off at 9 looking remotely human? Jeans that are two sizes too small.

I’ve been there, sisters… 20 pounds over my normal weight, right after having a baby, wanting desperately to be able to wear the clothes that are in my closet… But I was never one of those women who had a baby and immediately snapped back. So you know what I did? I went to Target and bought myself some cute American Universal stretch jeans in my current size, and wore them as much as I needed to until I could fit back into my old clothes again.

It’s do-able. “Fast fashion”–while not without its own drawbacks–allows us to access trendy and nice clothing at affordable price points these days, so take advantage of it! Melanie and I talk all about this in our interview, too. Don’t over-buy, but get some key pieces to help you transition back, and then donate when you’re done with them–a simple way to do good.

Here are some of my favorite affordable options:

Mel has SO many more amazing tips and tricks, so check out the episode and be sure to follow her on Instagram!


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