This is How to Take CBD to Relieve Situational Anxiety

cbd for situational anxiety

Let’s talk situational anxiety for a second. Is there a time of day, or do you notice after a certain event, you feel more anxious than normal? Like, say… a global pandemic? Even the calmest among us is struggling right now to remain calm, so I wanted to dive into a solution that has been working for me–CBD.

I’ve posted about my appreciation for CBD products before. To me, CBD is something that takes the edge off a difficult day without compromising my focus, energy or motivation. Taking the edge off is the best way I can describe it.

So naturally, I had to ask an expert what exactly is going on when you take CBD; how much to take; what formulations kick in quickest; and what brands he likes best.

Dr. Joseph Rosado, MD, is a medical cannabis expert and the author of Hope & Healing: The Case for Cannabis. He’s devoted his career to helping his patients with pain management, alleviating symptoms from medical conditions, and more.

When we talked recently on my podcast, we focused in specifically on the benefits of CBD for situational anxiety–the type of anxiety you feel when something in your routine is disrupted.

So let’s dive in!

As always, speak with your own doctor before adding any supplements or making any changes to your routine.

How Much CBD Should I Be Taking?

This was probably the #1 question that friends of mine had when I told them I was talking to a cannabis expert. And Dr. Rosado has a simple answer:

Dr. Rosado says he starts his patients on .25 mL per dose, twice a day. Every 7 days, he tells his patients they can look into increasing by increments of .25 ml for each dose, to a MAX of 1ml, twice a day.

What are the Quickest Ways to Feel the Effects of CBD?

Suppositories are the quickest way to feel CBD, and Dr. Rosado says the effect can be felt right away. (Look y’all, I don’t make the rules!)

Second is inhalation, where Dr. Rosado says you should feel the effect in 3-10 minutes.

Third is sub-lingual, or placing drops under the tongue. You can feel those effects in 30-45 minutes.

That’s followed by other ingestibles, edibles or capsules, which can take up to 2 hours to feel, but the length of time it stays in the system tends to be longer.

And finally you have your topicals, like CBD-infused creams or lotions, which take the longest to get into your system.

Will I Feel High?

In short, no. Dr. Rosado says the main comment he gets from patients who utilize CBD is a feeling of somnolence, or sleepiness. This will of course increase depending on the dosage you take, so talk to your medical or health provider and make sure you’re on the dosage that’s right for you.

But There's So Much More You Need to Know Before Taking CBD...

In this episode, Dr. Rosado and I talk in great detail about so many other things, like:

+ How to read a label and why purity matters with CBD

+ The de-stigmatization of medical cannabis and cannabis products in general

+ The two CBD brands he likes best and recommends, and why

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