This One Simple Breathing Exercise Can Take Down Your Stress Levels Immediately

This One Simple Breathing Exercise Can Take Down Your Stress Levels Immediately

I haven’t been keeping scientific record, but I feel I can comfortable say that the cortisol levels of any parent during the summer months likely hover right around the holy-shit-go-see-your-doctor-right-now levels.

Given the daily grind of working and parenting (sometimes both at the same time), it’s normal to feel like you want to go all HULK SMASH on a nearby unsuspecting target. But don’t! Because I’m here to tell you that there is a simple way to remedy that stress that does not involve you shattering things or running, screaming, from your front door.

Quick story, first. My daughter was recently having a bit of a minor breakdown about wanting Gatoride LIKE RIGHT NOW AT THIS EXACT MOMENT, and I responded by saying something (shitty and immature) like, “If you can stop whining for two minutes I can help you!!!” People looked at me, people judged me, I immediately felt like an asshole.

Lesson? We all hit our boiling point during the week. Maybe several times. That’s why I loved this one breathing exercise from neurologist and wellness crusader Dr. Romie Mushtaq that she gave on my recent podcast with her.

It’s simple, it’s great, and it will get you through your own Gatorade Moment today without making you look like a real asswipe of a parent.

Sonni is sharing a simple breathing exercise for calm and stress
Me, not stressed out over Gatorade

Simple Breathing Exercise to Reduce Stress:

Find a quiet spot and sit, and close your eyes. (If you’re a parent and said quiet spot doesn’t exist, Dr. Romie says simply sitting on the couch–even with your eyes open, to keep tabs on the kids–is just fine.)

Inhale through your nose to a count of 3


Exhale through your mouth to a count of 4

Cycle through this for three minutes

simple breathing exercise for calm and stress

That’s it! Do you feel calmer already?!

Do you use mindful breathing to relax? I’d love to hear your quick tips for relaxing on stressful days! Let me know in Comments below!

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