Three Nursing-Friendly Shirts (That Aren’t Actually Nursing Shirts)

Want to witness a true fashion wasteland? Google “nursing tops.” (I’ll wait here.)

If you don’t already have kids and are considering it, I’m sure you will now agree, these results are not something that would necessary sell you on motherhood.

While with my first baby I used this lack of decent-looking clothing as the perfect reason to avoid being even remotely sociable with anyone outside the confines of my home, that same excuse unfortunately goes away by the time you get to your third kid, at which point you have two other small people who will destroy said house if you don’t actually take them outside of it. So, interacting with other people it is.

I scoured and searched, I wasted money and time, and in the end, I found a few tops that–while not labeled as “nursing friendly,” per se–very much are nursing friendly, and are super cute to boot.

So now, no more excuses for you fellow nursing moms to stay inside… except huffing the scent of the top of your baby’s head while locked in your room. That is totally acceptable and always will be.

The Button-Down

This denim shirt is currently one of my favorites. I love that you can dress it up with leggings or skinny jeans, or you can keep it casual with a pair of denim shorts.

(Hmm. Denim on denim… Is this a fashion no-no? I don’t care-care.)

The intensity with which he is smooching me… SWOON

The one I’m wearing is no longer for sale at Gap, but this one is absolutely adorable. With the long sleeves it would be good for fall, too!

The Off-the-Shoulder

If you’re in the mood for denim and your size isn’t available in that option, this off-the-shoulder style will also work. Just make sure to wear a comfortable bandeau bra underneath!

I bought this shirt recently during the Anniversary Sale at Nordstrom, and I’m in love. I never would have grabbed this off the rack; an associate was helping me so she snagged it, and I’m so glad she did. It’s flowing at the bottom and super easy to lift for nursing. Again, pair it with a bandeau bra like this for easy access, and you’re all set!

Here it is in action, paired with these shorts (which are on MAJOR sale right now–just $28!):

The Lace-Back Loose Shirt

This shirt laces up in the back and has the perfect amount of space to lift and latch. The soft fabric is super comfortable, and the comfort level of this top is just insane. I went up two sizes to give extra room and extra swing at the bottom.

This is an option with a similar fit, as is this.

These are the jean shorts I’m wearing with them. 🙂

Hey moms! What nursing-friendly clothing do you like to wear? I’d love to hear more in Comments below!

Sonni Abatta is an Orlando lifestyle and mom blogger who, despite this post, is currently still partial to maternity clothing and her husband’s boxer shorts, which she still deems the most comfortable clothes, nursing or not. Judge if you want, but you know she’s right. Reach out:
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