Three Pink Things

There was a time not all that long ago where I thought I could change. I actually believed I could.

I made promises. I dreamed big. I dug deep. I tried hard—so hard—to change my hoarding ways.

And then, one fine day, the words “40 PERCENT OFF” came across my inbox. And friends, I got weak. Real weak, and real quick.

I’m only half ashamed to say, I have fallen off the beauty-product-purchasing-abstinence wagon and kind of attacked the recent Birchbox sale like a pregnant lady on a sundae bar.

In Beauty Product Relapse-ville, the ground is a soft and cushioned konjac sponge, the air smells sweet of Chanel Number 5 and the rivers flow with micellar water. I have returned to the promised land.

Behold, my three new (pink!) friends that I will be acquainting myself with in the very near future.


The SeaRX Microdermabrasion Face & Body Scrub jumped off the page because:

1 – I’m in need of a good, basic physical exfoliant since acids are off the menu for me for a while

2 – It’s for face and body

3 – It was 40% off


I’ve always been a Kerastase fan, so picking up the Kerastase Cristalliste Cristal Sculpt Smoothing Serum seemed like a no-brainer for such a great price. I’ve used the masque from this line before, and while I wasn’t blown away, it did get the job done. So, why not try the styling product to see if it delivers?

It says it’s for “long, unmanageable” hair, so CHECK and CHECK! Let’s see how this baby performs.


And since I was on a hair product kick, I also picked up this guy that’s been getting great reviews online. The Living Proof Restore Protecting Spray is a leave-in styling spray that uses “amino acids, vitamins, and plant and marine extracts [and] protects against UV and heat up to 400 degrees.” Sold!

Also, Birchbox is running an exclusive deal where you get a wide-tooth comb for free with a purchase of the spray.

It was only after my products arrived that I realized I subconsciously adhered to a pattern while I was snagging my online goodies. All the new stuff I’m trying is packaged in pink! It’s almost like a little wink from up above, telling me this most recent binge is a-okay.

Definitely not. Whatever.

If you’d like to join me in my loathsome hoarding, here’s a link to the Birchbox sale that is still up and running. Looks like these goodies are still up for grabs at a discount. Note: For regular Birchbox members they are 30% off, and for Aces (people who knowingly waste…I mean spend… an ungodly amount of money on Birchbox products every year. cough cough), it’s 40% off.

Go forth and save! And make me feel like less of a freak for not being able to right this ship I call my beauty addiction.

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