Three Productivity Tips for Mom Entrepreneurs, with Business Mentor Majesta Patterson

productivity tips for mom entrepreneurs majesta patterson

Are you launching a new venture? A business? Blog? Podcast? You’re not alone. There are tons of women and moms who are becoming entrepreneurs, finding ways to bring life to their passions while also getting paid.

I personally know how hard it can be to start your own brand or business, so I wanted to take some time and share some tips from business mentor Majesta Patterson, who I just interviewed for my podcast. She’s full of amazing advice, so let’s dive right in!

Here are three tips for entrepreneurs to keep you focused and productive.

Imagine Your Followers IRL

This is so important. Stop worrying about the numbers. And listen, I say this as a reminder to myself as much as I say it as a reminder to you, because I of all people know, it’s hard to look at where other people are–their numbers, their projects, their successes–and not compare it to yourself. So here we go with this important reminder from Majesta: Start where you are, and don’t worry about where everyone else is.

If you have a number more than zero on your social channels, you have a following. So focus on them.

Speak clearly. Be of service. Continue to stay on message. And the rest will come.

Find Out Where You'll Focus

There are tons of channels to attract your ideal client these days. From the myriad social channels to your own outlets–whether that be a book, a blog or a podcast–there are tons of ways for people to access you and your offer. That’s great, but that’s also overwhelming. Here’s Majesta’s advice on how to start figuring out where to focus:

“Think about the path your customers are going to take to become a customer or client. … This is trial and error, so it doesn’t have to be complicated … or right the first time, and you have to be willing to test it over and over and pivot it, if it’s not working.”

She says to do a content map to find out how people are moving among your channels; that way, you can find out where to focus to “snag” them, then tailor your content accordingly.

Don't Worry About Saturation

If it feels like everyone has a blog/podcast/fill-in-the-blank, that’s probably because it’s true. Kind of.

There is tons of content out there right now, but that doesn’t mean yours shouldn’t be out there, too. Think about it: Only you can offer your distinct and unique point of view on whatever it is you’re talking about. Don’t discount that. What you will bring to the table will differ from everyone else.

Back to Majesta: “That’s where your marketing comes in. Just starting a podcast isn’t enough; they’re not going to find you.”

“Promote the heck out of it. … Show them the bullet points. … If you’re bringing value, go for it.”

That means you need to tell people what they’re going to get when they listen, read or watch.

Other Time- and Sanity-Saving Apps and Techniques for Busy Women

Time blocking. Majesta has used the Pomodoro Method, which is setting a timer and blocking out work by category. Read more here.

Time tracking with Toggl. It’s a web extension that tracks your time; you can choose what you spend your time on, and for how long.

The SleepCycle app. It “listens” to you while you sleep, and wakes you up based on your body’s natural wake/sleep patterns.

Listen to the Whole Episode with Majesta Patterson Below for more amazing entrepreneurial advice!

What are your tips for being productive at home? I’d love to hear them! Say hi in Comments below!


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