Three Simple Ways to Elevate Any Outfit

black jeans with blazer

This is not an exaggeration: 30% of my closet is comprised of t-shirts and other super simple tops. There is nothing I love more than a classic tee with great-fitting denim. It’s low key chic. But sometimes, that look can get a little boring. And that’s when we need some help. Enter–my go-to accessories to elevate any outfit and make it a little bit cooler.

Here are my favorite, affordable ways to Elevate an outfit–and one is free!

Elevate Any Outfit with These Simple Tips

The Fedora

Might I be the last–the very last–person on God’s green earth to recognize the brilliance of hats? The answer is yes. I’ll tell ya, our grandfathers were onto something with this fedora business.

Elevate Any Outfit with These Simple Tips

I’ve been over here trying to make sure my hair looks moderately presentable every day, when I should have just been grabbing an adorable hat and getting on with my life. You live, you learn, people.

This hat has made my life so much easier, and my wardrobe so much more versatile. Moment of honesty: I felt pretty stupid when I first grabbed it–like, A hat? Try hard much, lady?–but then I got over my embarrassment and realized, you know what? They’re cute. (I am also working up the courage to get this one and wear it in public. That green?? To die! So if you see someone walking around the Orlando area looking like the elder millennial version of The Wizard of Oz, say hi!)

Elevate Any Outfit with These Simple Tips leopard dress fedora

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The Statement Belt

Again–such a small item, but such a big difference on an outfit. The statement belt is at the top of the list for accessories that can take a simple outfit to the next level.

Wear it at your true waist for definition over a slouchy sweater or dress, or wear through the loops of your jeans with a tucked-in tee to elevate an otherwise basic look.

As far as what color to get, I suggest starting with a black/gold combo, which to me seems to pair best with the most items in my closet. 

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The Free Chic-Maker: The French Tuck

My second-favorite f-word is FREE, so this one is for all my fellow ladies looking to up their chic factor without paying a dime.

Chances are, if you’re reading this, you’re not a dude, but gender aside, you will get maximum enjoyment from watching this (dude-specific, but same concept) explanation of the French Tuck from Queer Eye favorite, Tan France. Watch. Enjoy. I’ll wait.

You’re smart, so you get it. It’s simple: Tuck in just the front portion of your shirt–button down, tee, or other type–right into your pants or skirt, and let the rest casually stay out. Voila. Congrats. We are all Anna Winter.

But honestly… I employ this trick with almost every shirt I wear. From tees and jeans to tanks and leggings, there is always room for a French Tuck, sister! Do it!

the French tuck
Elevate Any Outfit with These Simple Tips
the French tuck

That’s it! Three simple ways to elevate your wardrobe, with minimal effort. What did I miss? Any other French Tuck fans out there?! Drop me a line in Comments! xo


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