Three Things I Can’t Wait to Wear this Fall

There are several things about which I will never express any shame…

…only several of which involve certain fashion choices. In no particular order:

1- Eating carbs.

I appreciate that it is chic these days to hate them, but no. Just no.

2- Walking around with a spitup-stained shirt.

Life happens, peopleAnd by life, I mean my 3-month-old’s vomit. (Just last week I walked around a theme park for an entire morning with a giant stain all over my boob. There were stares. I did not care.)

3- Wearing sweatpants on every possible occasion.

For me, this usually means 3-4 days of any given week. While I enjoy the few opportunities I get these days to wear anything that doesn’t include cotton-blend, stretchy fabrics, sweatpants are like the bad boyfriend I just can’t break up with.

(And I’m not sorry.)

It was actually while planning my next sweatpants-shopping-adventure that I came up with the idea behind this post, because not only am I looking forward to expanding my athleisure wardrobe (hello, lover), I am also looking forward to adding in a few other goodies come fall, and cooler weather.


How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.

 I wear them when I’m pregnant, when I’m not pregnant…when I’m working out, when I’m not working out… I wear them even when people who actually know things about fashion tell us not to, because let’s be honest, sweatpants are God’s stretchy, comfy, snuggly gift to us all.

Thankfully they are kind of in fashion these days. Check it:!function(doc,s,id){ var e, p, cb; if(!doc.getElementById(id)) { e = doc.createElement(s); = id; cb = new Date().getTime().toString(); p = ‘//’ + cb; e.src = p; doc.body.appendChild(e); } if(typeof window.ss_shopsense === ‘object’){ if(doc.readyState === ‘complete’){ window.ss_shopsense.init(); } } }(document, ‘script’, ‘shopsensewidget-script’);


Are you noticing a theme here? If it’s made of smooshy (it’s a word, shh don’t tell me it’s not) fabric, it’s on my list.

So. The best. I love throwing on a lightweight sleeveless vest over my leggings and tank after a workout or when I’m running out of the house in the morning. It adds a bit of polish, keeps me a bit warmer, and covers any possible stains on my top (see the first paragraph of this post).

And there’s something about a simple addition like this that makes me feel a bit more put together, too. A difficult feeling to come by these days. 😐 So if a vest gives me it, sign me up, cowboy. 

 Cowlneck Errrything

lived in my favorite Joie cowlneck sweater every time the temperature dips below 70 degrees here. (I can feel you judging me. Just know that your blood does indeed thin when you move to Florida. Moving on…)

I’ve included some sleeveless and longer-sleeve options here, to cover the bases of my girls who live up north, and my Florida friends.

Any things you’re looking forward to wearing this fall? I’d love to hear more in Comments below!

  P.S. These nursing-friendly shirts aren’t nursing shirts at all, and I’m also still living in these super-stretchy jeans and swingy top.

Sonni Abatta runs this Orlando lifestyle and mom blog, and she feels really strange every time she posts anything about fashion, because the truth is she still likes her PJs best of all. Want to vent, chat or collaborate? Reach out!

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