Trust Me: Now Is the Time to Try the Baby Foot Peel

I’m not going to ask you to send photo proof or anything, but if you’re anything like me, chances are your feet are looking kinda gnarly right now. Six weeks of non-professional attention does not a pretty foot make.

The upside to the lockdown? There’s never been a better time to peel off your feet than now. And that’s where Baby Foot comes in.

Of all the cringe-worthy things I put on my Instagram Stories, the Progression of the Baby Foot Peel Saga was, by a mile, the most responded-to post I’ve done lately. You guys are some sick bastards. And I love it.

But no no no, I kid. I also love to watch gross, peely and pimple-popping things just as much as the next lady, and let me tell you, if it’s effectiveness and a little bit of grossness you’re after, the Baby Foot peel is for you.

So let’s just get to the pictures. Because I know that’s what you’re after.

How the Baby Foot Peel Works

From the Dermstore website:

“Formulated with glycolic, malic and lactic acids, these exfoliating socks help to slough off hardened, dead skin to promote a soft texture and new cell growth to leave your feet looking and feeling suppler.”

On the night of treatment:

Wash your feet and let them dry, then find a spot to sit down! (You’ll see soon why this is key.)

Cut off the top of the individual plastic booties and place your feet inside.

Use the stickers that come with the kit to firmly close up the tops of the booties. Put a pair of socks on top to hold the booties in place.

Sit your tired, weary, quarantined butt down for an hour. (This is why you need to find a spot to chill early on; I didn’t do this and literally had to crawl on my hands and feet over to my bed, because when you walk with this on your feet, it squishes around in a really uncomfortable sort of walking-in-raw-sewage way. Not that I would know that personally, but YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN okay.)

When you remove the bags, rinse your feet off with warm water and go about your day/night.

No, nothing will happen immediately.

In fact, you’ll probably wonder if it even worked. Give it five days. Sister, as you’re about to see, THIS SH** WORKS.

baby foot real review
At the start I had some callouses on my toes. And YES I KNOW, my baby toes are put on sideways.

How Long Does It Take to Work?

Based on some informal research as well as my own experience, the real deal peeling starts between days 5 and 7. I started peeling at Day 5, and by Day 7 it was full-on mouth vomit every time I looked at my foot.

Turn away from this next sentence if you have a weak stomach: When you sleep and your feet brush up against the sheets, they shed. So you end up with skin balls everywhere. *hurl* Just be prepared to do some extra laundry.

baby foot real review
baby foot real review
Baby Foot real review
The harder callouses on my toes aren't gone, but the rest of the foot--heels included--are super soft.

Final Thoughts: Does it Work?

In short, yes. But you’re not here for a general up or down vote… You want details, right?


It actually does peel off a layer of skin… or several.

You are indeed left with softer skin. “Baby” skin, you might say. (Hardy har har).

The gratification you get while your skin is literally peeling off in sheets is BONKERS. Again, if you’re a sick bastard like me.

It is a great alternative for a professional pedicure to keep your feet smoother, and can cut down on the amount of pumice-ing and foot buffing you would otherwise have to do.


It did not remove the hard callouses on my big toes. I stand for most of the day on ceramic tile, so my feet may be rougher than most in spots, but I did notice that this alone didn’t tackle my hardest callouses.

It can cause a little peeling around your ankles too.

Although I didn’t personally experience this, some people have remarked that they didn’t get good results if they didn’t wash and also soak their feet prior to application. So if you want guaranteed results, maybe add in that step.

real baby foot peel review

So Is It Worth It?

I’m never one to shout from the rooftops about do-it-yourself things unless they work, and this does. So yes, for the price of $25–which is less than the cost of a professional pedicure–I say it’s worth it.

So go ahead and use these remaining quarantine days responsibly, and peel off those damn feet. I think you’ll be happy you did.

baby foot real review

Have you ever tried Baby Foot? What did you think? Hit me up in Comments below!


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    1. Sonni Abatta

      Isn’t it?! I’m obsessed! I was doing this thing where I would roll my feet on the sheet to see what peeled off. Hahaha

  1. I purchased & received. Note to self – wash/soak prior. I am making this happen today! I will be back to report results!

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