Try Virtue Labs Products for Free! No Discount Code Needed

virtue labs free samples no discount code

I’m proud to say that nothing makes it on the pages of this blog unless it’s something that’s really, authentically me. Whether it’s a post from the heart, a passage I’ve read that impacted me, a recipe I actually cook, or most commonly a beauty product, these are things that I really use and love. That’s why I’m so excited to share an offer for FREE product for you–no discount code needed–for a line I’ve used and loved for almost two years now–Virtue Labs.

I bought my first Virtue product–their incredible, sick amazing, miraculously restoring (yes, it deserves all those adjectives) Restorative Treatment Mask at Bluemercury a couple years back. I’ve had this product in my shower or beauty closet literally every day since then. No joke.

Before I tell you how to get your hands on free Virtue Labs goodies, a quick primer on the brand…

How Is Virtue Labs Different?

Their Star Ingredient Actually Heals Hair

Alpha Keratin 60ku is sourced, ethically, from human hair. And it’s in all of their products.

Because it’s from human hair, your hair knows what to do when you put it in. It binds to it, fills in the “gaps,” and immediately makes for smooth, silky hair.

Their Product Line Isn’t Overwhelming

How annoying is it when you go to buy a shampoo and conditioner and there are like, 5,000 options, and you have no idea where to start to get good hair? ANNOYING.

Here’s what I’ve found out about Virtue Labs by experimenting with the entire line–yes, the whole thing–over the past two years. They all work on my hair.

Listen guys, I have some lion mane hair… Like, I was called Simba when I would wear my hair curly. So sister friend knows her way around a hair product… or a hundred.

I was shocked to see that even the Volume line–which honest to the almighty, I wouldn’t have tried if you paid me in gold bricks and chocolate like ever–worked for me. Nope, it didn’t dry out my hair, and yes, it still had the same smoothing and moisturizing properties on my hair as the Recovery line does. Same with the pink Smooth line.

So the lesson here? You don’t have to overthink it. Buy what you think sounds the best for your hair, and know that whatever you grab up will, I promise, perform.

virtue labs free samples no discount code

They Are Super Customer-Focused

I’ve never worked with a brand before that is so all about getting their product in their customers’ hands, for free. They’re that confident you’re going to like what you try.

Their sales and sampling are amazing, and I’m so excited that they’ve partnered with me to do a real-deal sample giveaway, where you get their goodies for free! Aaaah! Excitement!

Click HERE to sign up for your free samples! They’ve got quite a few to give away, but it’s not unlimited, so sign up while you can!

Read my review of Virtue Labs’ Recovery Line HERE.

Read up on how Virtue Labs’ Restorative Treatment Mask works, and why I love it so much, HERE!

virtue labs free samples no discount code

When you try out Virtue, let me know what you think! Comment below or DM me on Instagram… I always love hearing from you!


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