Video: All the Things You Wanted to Ask Your OBGYN, (But Didn’t)

Let’s just take a moment and appreciate the extreme level of AWKWARD we experience every time we visit our OB/GYN.

All I’m gonna say (and all my lady friends out there feel me on this, I know ya do) that there are some universal truths to the whole gynecological experience for women:

1 – It is so cold in here.

2 – What is this, a paper blanket? Paper blankets do not keep me warm.

3 – Are you sure I have to scoot down further?


5 – Lord please let there be something even remotely interesting happening on the ceiling so that I can stare at it with fake interest as I wait for this most incredibly uncomfortable and strange situation happening between my knees right now to be over.


So, yeah. Not always the most ideal of situations for us to be thinking of all of those questions we might have for our lady-parts doctors.

That’s why I’m super excited to have some really awesome and brilliant doctor friends on speed dial who humor me when I say things like, “I wanna do this video about all the questions we forget to ask our OB/GYNs. Can you come over to my house and let me grill you game-show style so we can put some good info out there?!”

And then those doctor friends say “yes,” and we all win!

Without further adieu, enjoy Part One of my super-formal (not), super serious (not not), and incredibly informative (that part is true) series, called–very creatively, I might add–“All the Things You Wanted to Ask Your OB/GYN (but Didn’t).”


And a special shoutout to all you fabulous women who submitted questions to me through my Instagram for this post! If your answer’s not in this batch, it will be in the next one!

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