VIDEO FRIDAY: 10 Things About Me

So. I spent 15 years working in television. The length of time it takes for a human to turn from an adorable baby into an insufferable teenager. Read: A LONG TIME.

And it got me thinking: While I love writing, I realized I was missing out on communicating with you all in a way I have been so comfortable doing for so long–by just, well, talking to you.

That’s been the genesis of this new Video Friday feature I’ve started; I really want to use this medium to start conversations with people about topics that pertain to all of us. I’m talking about motherhood, work, life, relationships, woo woo science (ermagerd ILOVEIT) and more.

So let’s make this space Our Space. Not only do I want to hear your ideas for topics you’d like to hear discussed (I’ve got lots of smart friends in high places who I’m pretty much bribing to appear on my little corner of the internet), but I also want to hear about you.

Who are you? Where are you from? Whatcha doin’ today? And how did you find this space?

Let’s talk! I mean it!! Let’s make this a space for some good conversation. And some good videos. Where my kids interrupt me. Like every time I make one. Every. Time.


(Good thing they’re cute.)

Okay, so without further adieu, here we go with My 10 Things.

Sonni Abatta is an Orlando lifestyle and mom blogger, and former TV journalist. Now she shoots videos that her 4.5-month-old loves to crash. Changes, people. Changes. Let’s work together! Reach out here to collaborate.

4 thoughts on “VIDEO FRIDAY: 10 Things About Me”

  1. Amanda Lee Hansen-Pudlo

    Hi Sonni,

    My name is Amanda Pudlo and I live in Dunnellon. 10 things about me are 1. I was born in Massachusetts and moved to south Florida a year after birth. 2. I LOVE Disney!!! 3. I have been married to my husband for 14 years. 4. We have a handsome 4 1/2 year old red head little boy. (You and I were pregnant at the same time) 5. I work in healthcare (Histotechnologist) 6. I love shopping. 6. I wish I would’ve had more children (one is a handful, but I love how little ones keep you young at heart!) 7. I’m not big on wearing makeup. 8. I work two jobs. 9. I love animals. 10. I love hanging out with my whole family!

    1. Amanda!! Welcome, my friend! I am so with you on #2; congrats on #3! Your son and my son are definitely the same age, which means you are also smack dab in the middle of the They-Want-to-Wrestle-Everyone Stage, right? Ha! #5… I had to look that up, but COOL! #6… I love shopping too.. Shhhh, don’t tell my husband. #7–I will convert you yet! 😉 #8–that’s impressive, #9–agree, though nothing else living is coming into this house until everyone can wipe their own butts, and #10–a hearty YES to that too! Family above all. Thank you SO much for checking in! I so love learning about everyone. 🙂

  2. Hi Sonni, my name is Jeff and I’m from Pittsburgh, PA. 10 things about me are: 10) I own a comic book store in Allison Park, PA. 9) I appeared on Kids Quiz on WTAE-TV when I was in the 5th grade. 8) I have huge collections of Batman, Star Wars, and Pittsburgh Pirates memorabilia (I couldn’t pick just one thing). 7) I was in a heavy metal band when I was in high school, back in the 80s. 6) I have a degree from LaRoche College in professional writing. 5) I would eat pizza everyday if they’d let me. 4) I never get tired of watching “Jaws”. 3) Unsweetened iced tea with lemon is my favorite beverage. 2) HOF wrestler “Nature Boy” Ric Flair once bought me a drink. 1) I met my childhood hero Adam West 3 times!

    1. Hey Jeff! So glad to hear from you! ? A fellow writing major… I love it! And I’m all in on the unsweetened tea too, although my favorite kind is green tea. Stick around and weigh in again! Love hearing from my friends here!

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