Virtue Labs Recovery Line Review

Virtue Labs Recovery Line Review

Let’s take a minute and talk hair.

The summer season is here, and that means our strands are exposed to more elements than normal. From the sun to maybe the chlorine and salt water, chances are you are spending a whole lot more time outside, and if you’re anything like me, your hair may show the (unfortunate) side effects–damage.

One ingredient that could help your hair regain some of its health and vitality is keratin. Keratin naturally occurs in the hair, but with repeated heat styling and exposure to other environmental aggressors, your hair’s natural stores of keratin can be broken down over time.

Treating your hair with keratin from procedures or products has been one solution to this. And although some hair experts have argued that too much keratin can eventually damage the hair, there is a sweet spot.

You’ve got to get just enough keratin in your hair to repair it–not too much, and not too little–and Virtue Labs appears to have hit that mark.

I’ve written about my love of their Restorative Treatment Mask before, and now I got a chance to try their Recovery Shampoo and Conditioner.

So let’s dig into specifics!

What's Different About Virtue Labs

Here’s What’s Different About Virtue Labs:

  • All their products are formulated with their signature Alpha Keratin 60ku:
    This lab-concocted but human-derived ingredient is what makes your hair smoother and healthier, even from the first application.
  • They don’t consider themselves a haircare company:
    I know that sounds crazy, but here’s what they call themselves–“a biotech company to repair hair.”
  • Wait… what does that mean?!
    All that means is that Virtue Labs saw what they thought was a hole in the market when it came to traditional haircare. Sure, you can treat and nourish with other lines, but you can’t repair. That’s why Virtue Labs says they’re different. That keratin ingredient actually fills in the gaps in your damaged hair to produce a healthier mane. And yes, they’ve even gone so far as to say that their products can help to heal split ends.

All of Virtue Labs’ products are formulated with their signature Alpha Keratin 60ku, which is a human hair-derived keratin. And also what makes it different from other lines out there.

Here’s Who Should Use Virtue Labs Recovery Line:

The Recovery line in particular is great for people like me whose hair is dry and/or damaged from regular exposure to heat styling, pool or ocean water, or any other element that can degrade the health of the hair.

  • Dry hair
  • Damaged hair
  • Hair consistently exposed to the elements

I don’t personally have fine or thin hair, so I can’t say how it would perform on someone with that hair type. But I can say that, no matter your hair type, if you’re looking for something to add into your routine even once weekly that can help to repair the damage, this would be it.

Here’s What I Noticed

Unlike other lines whose benefits have taken a week or more to see, I have to say that with Virtue Labs’ Recovery line, I saw immediate results.

  • My hair felt healthier:
    (I’m trying to explain this more, but it feels a little more… dense, maybe? when I run it between my fingers. It feels like the little holes in the hair shaft have been filled in.)
  • I kept my regular 2x/week wash routine:
    Sometimes with recovery haircare lines–ones that are heavy on moisture–I notice that they make my hair greasier, quicker. Not the case with Recovery, which still allowed me to stay on my two times per week wash schedule with no extra grease.
  • I felt better about heat styling with fewer products:
    I like to layer up my protective products on my wet hair before I blow dry. But because I felt like this duo left a protective coating on my hair, I didn’t feel the need to use a heavier styling product as I normally do, like a silicone-based oil. I still do sometimes, but it’s not necessary.

Here’s What You Should Know Before Buying

  • Virtue ethically sources their signature keratin ingredient from human hair:
    After speaking with a representative from the company, I feel comfortable that Virtue’s process respects the individuals who are being paid to donate their hair. I’m hoping to lock down a podcast interview with the founder of Virtue soon, so I can’t wait to chat with her more about their process.
  • You can mix their products into your existing routine:
    Like I said above, as someone with thick and dry hair, this line is perfect for regular use for me. But if you’re hesitant to completely change your haircare routine, this would still be a line that can benefit your overall hair health even if you work it in once weekly.
  • Don’t call them a “haircare company”:
    Virtue prides itself on being not just another shampoo company, but a company that innovated a new way to care for, and even repair, hair. As they say on their website, “[Alpha keratin 60ku] binds directly to areas of damage and fills them in, revealing hair that’s shinier, stronger, and overall more healthy. For the first time, we can actually repair hair—even after the damage is already done.” That means it’s presumably doing what other lines can’t, which is actually helping to heal your hair.
Virtue Labs Recovery Line Review

That’s it! Your primer for healthier summer hair!

Tell me:

Do you typically switch out your hair care products for the summer months? If so, would you try Virtue Labs Recovery line? Let me know in Comments below!


This post was written in partnership with Virtue Labs, a brand I used and loved even before we worked together. As always, all opinions and thoughts are my own. Thanks for supporting the brands that help keep this site running!

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