Voluminous Hair Tutorial — Get Super Natural Waves!

“TV lady hair.” It’s a phrase that, years ago, meant Helmet Head and all sorts of other sprayed-in-place styles that were just, well, NO.

These days, my TV sisters and I have thankfully veered back into the more natural-looking styles that can work just as well on the small screen (as we tell you all about how WHAT’S IN YOUR REFRIGERATOR COULD KILL YOU!!!) as in real life.

And being that TV newsers are often their own hair stylists and makeup artists–at least in the not-NYC-or-LA-or-huge-city-markets–we learn a thing or two or three thousand about how to do our hair well, and quickly.

I’ve gotten so many questions over the years on the best way for natural, but neat, waves, that I decided to do a little picture tutorial for today’s post.

Behold, the not-so-secret secrets of TV lady hair! (Here’s the first secret: It’s crazy simple.)

1 – Start with a sleek blowout

I don’t mean a flat-ironed-to-death style. Here’s exactly what I mean: Wash your hair, apply a silicone-based anti-frizz serum, divide into sections and use a round brush to lift at your roots while blow drying. The goal isn’t perfection, but to have a smooth hair cuticle which you can then curl.

2 – Assemble your tools

You’ll need:

  • 1″ to 1 1/2″ barrel curling iron. (My rule of thumb: 1″ if your hair is shoulder-length or above, 1 1/2″ if it’s longer.)
  • Hair clips
  • Round brush
  • Light-hold hair spray (L’Oreal Elnett is my favorite!)

3 – Keep ‘em separated

Start by dividing your hair into two horizontal sections, top and bottom. Clip up the top sectin and start on the bottom. Divide into two sections, length-wise.

4 – Get crankin’

Starting on your first section of hair, hold the curling iron vertically and clamp in the middle of your hair shaft. THIS NEXT PART IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PART! Still holding the curling iron vertically, twist it AWAY from your face. Hold for 5-10 seconds (no more than that!), and remove the curling iron barrel by unclamping and pulling downward, out of your hair.

5 – Repeat

Repeat this same method for the remainder of the sections of your hair. Do the bottom layer first, then remove the clip from the top section, divide lengthwise, and repeat.

6 – Get misty

When all your curls are in, mist your hair with a light-hold hairspray and keep your hands off of your curls for at least a half hour! At that point, you can lightly rake your fingers through your curls to separate a bit, or you can brush through the curls to get more of a wave effect.

And, voila! You now have natural, voluminous waves! Wasn’t that easy?! Hope this was helpful! As always, would love to hear your thoughts and tips in Comments!

All images via Katarina Van Winkle Photography.

2 thoughts on “Voluminous Hair Tutorial — Get Super Natural Waves!”

  1. Hey Sonni,
    Could you please share what curling iron you used? I currently use a hot tools one this size and my hair holds for maybe an entire 22 minutes.

    1. Hey Randi! I use the CHI 1.5″ Tourmaline Curling Iron. I find that the curl holds really well. Also, if you spray each section of hair lightly with a light-hold hair spray before you curl, that may help. I love L’Oreal Elnett for that. Hope that helps! 🙂

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