We Remember

This beauty, rising from a scar.

Rising from a site that has known the deepest sadness, has felt the gravity of unfathomable loss.

I paused to take in this view when we were in New York 2 years ago, celebrating the imminent birth of our third baby.

Then we toured the memorial.In that somber spot, surrounded by the relics from that haunted day, the stark irony of my state of life juxtaposed with those profound moments was not lost on me.

So much sadness.

But still, look at how she soars.

Into the heavens, as if trying to kiss those angels who left this same ground 17 years ago.

“Let’s never forget,” as we always say on this hallowed day.

But let us also remember that, like this building—rebirth embodied—that we should always reach upward, making ourselves new after even the worst that life can offer.

Remembering to reach.

And remembering that it is always possible to find our shared ground.

That, like this building, we are all coming from the same place.

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