The Week in Pictures

Lots of big days in our house this week! Little dude turned 4, the kids started soccer and I tried my hand at facial hair… And strangely (or maybe not) ended up looking exactly like my dad. HA!

Enjoy, and see you this week on the blog with more posts!

Hugging a giant plaster gator. Because why not? Also: This one is scared of nothing. I worry about this.


In my lone act of rebellion this week, I let this whole song play in the car with the kids. Maybe they show up to school with some creative new phrases next week, maybe they don’t.  ¯\_(?)_/¯
He wears it well. I, on the other hand, bear a striking resemblance to Luigi. And my dad.
He is 4. 4!!!!!! Aaaaaah!! *runs away weeping*


Adored him then, adore him more now


Little Peles! Or Beckhams! Or whoever is good at soccer these days!



See you guys later this week!

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