What Do You Think… Do Opposites Attract?!

sonni andrew husband wife, What Do You Think... Do Opposites Attract?!

As a practice, I try to avoid getting into descriptions of other people on my blog too much, or at least in too much detail.

While I have no problem–and in fact I truly enjoy–talking about those important to me, like my kids and my husband, the writer in me is always overly cautious about telling too much of another person’s story without their consent.

But this is just too funny not to share. I did a quick post on Instagram recently where I talked about Andrew and me–our personalities, our approaches to life, our overall tendencies. And it was couched in the whole “opposites attract” idea. Because, while we do line up on many things, we are also so, so different in lots of ways, too.

I can’t tell you how many funny conversations that post, and that idea in general, has sparked among friends–both online and in real life. It truly seems–at least anecdotally–that we are very much not alone in being an example of opposites coming together.

Nature teaches us that opposites are drawn to each other–think the north and south poles of magnets, for example–so we shouldn’t be all that surprised to know that there is also a bit of a scientific, or at the very least psychological, component to the whole “opposites attract” relationship mantra, as well.

You’ve got to read the above-linked Psychology Today article (here again, if you missed it), but this was one of the lines that really jumped out at me:

“While the first thing that we consciously become aware of in meeting someone is their physical appearance, what determines the degree to which we find them attractive is something that is much more than skin-deep. It has to do with a feeling, an instinctive sense of the qualities and tendencies that may be all but invisible to the naked eye or to our conscious awareness, but are recognized by a kind of inner radar that identifies and responds to someone on a subconscious level. We’re probably asking some version of the question: ‘Is my experience of myself more whole, more complete with this person?‘”

Sure, the big things should line up–belief systems, overall view on life goals–but when you get down to it, don’t those little differences make all the… well… difference in keeping things interesting?

This late-waking, true extrovert, Big Picture gal (paired up with her detail-oriented, introvert, Morning Person guy) sure thinks so. 🙂

Now I have to know: Did YOU end up with your opposite? Gimme all the details in Comments below!


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