What Drives You?

You may have noticed that a few weeks back, I relaunched my blog.

I thought the site should better encapsulate what I’m trying to cover: mom stuff, life stuff, and some pretty stuff sprinkled in between. You know, just like the tagline says.

As part of the relaunch, I also rewrote my About Me section, because I wanted it to be more, well, me. It’s to me that all of you who stop by here have an idea of the real me–the things that are important to me. The things that drive me.

So here are the big three. The drivers. The things that keep me pushing through my days and sometimes, up at night. 🙂

First up–my family. I could get all gushy, but I will keep it simple and say, they are my everything. Each day I try my best to keep them fed, happy and healthy. And–spoiler alert!. I fail. A lot. But man oh man, I live for the trying. (That’s where all the best stories come from anyway.)

Second up? Writing and storytelling. It’s why I started this blog; I love sharing stories and advice, and I absolutely love hearing back from all of you guys. Seriously, how great is it to know that we are not alone in all the wacky and wonderful things we experience as women and parents and moms?! And it’s my favorite thing to hear from you all–whether it’s chiming in in the Comments section, on Facebook, or on Instagram.

I’m passionate not only about motherhood and sharing stories that I think help us all feel a little less alone, but you’ve probably also noticed that I’m also way into beauty products–and specifically, beauty products. Earlier this year I joined the Beautycounter team to help not only sell products that are paraben-free and non-toxic (and also free of tons of other harmful ingredients!) and I’m so passionate about it. Yes, I like what they sell–even though I’m also super into other brands–but more than that, I love their mission. Their goal is to educate people about what they’re putting on their bodies so we can get to a time where we don’t have to scan labels for harmful ingredients every time we buy personal care products.

So. Those are just a few things I’m kinda into these days. 😉

Please–let’s hear more about you! See that Comments section? Hop to!

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