What We Do with the Kids While on Lockdown

indoor activities for kids quarantine lockdown

All right friends, listen. This is our call to action. And the action we have to perform? INACTION. Yep. Be a hero simply by staying the f*** in your living room! If I see one more human enjoying a mimosa outside in the Florida sunshine, I’m gonna blow my top.

Rant over! But, real talk… How’s it going where you are? I’m going to be asking a lot of that question in the upcoming weeks, because this is the only way many of us will be communicating with other human beings, and I legitimately WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU! Comment below! DM me on Instagram @SonniAbatta! I’ve had so many lovely conversations with people over the last week on social media, and getting to know you guys has been pretty damn awesome.

Okay, now onto today’s topic.

You’re cooped up. Locked in the house. Slowly losing your mind… but also, maybe, feeling a deep sense of gratefulness to be spending this unexpected stretch of time with your loved ones.

That is the glass-half-full approach I’m finding more and more, lately.

Either way, let’s talk about ways to entertain kids on lockdown.

For now, this list consists of just indoor activities, being sensitive to our friends up north who might not be able to get outside just yet, and also because outdoor activities for kids on lockdown? Well, you don’t need much instruction there… Just let them run!

The idea is to keep updating it as I get new recommendations and ideas from you all. So, like I said, don’t be a stranger on social and drop me your ideas!

Indoor Activities for Kids While in Quarantine

  1. Family Yoga
  2. Just Dance Dance Competition: Best of 5 rounds, winner gets $5, runner-up gets $3
  3. Simon Says
  4. Volleyball/Tennis with Balloons. Couch is the net!
  5. Pillow Dodgeball. My kids came up with this idea last week, and—while I can’t lie, it has caused a few mild injuries—it’s pretty damn fun. And man oh man does it wear them out.
  6. Josh Gad’s LIVE Twitter show! Yep, that’s OLAF, comin’ atcha right into your living room!
  7. Living room dance parties with Cool Family Radio. (A thousand times more bearable than Kidz Bop. Promise.)
  8. Watch the cute animals on the San Diego Live Zoo Cams

If I think too far ahead–specifically about the length of time this could endure–I get a little twitchy, for so many reasons. So I’m going to leave it there for now, and plan on checking back in.

I do so want to hear your ideas and what you’ve been doing to entertain yourself and your families! Drop me a line… Sonni@SonniAbatta.com.


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