Ep 12: When Infidelity Strikes, with writer Jodie Utter

When Infidelity Strikes, with writer Jodie Utter

It’s a difficult thing to think about–painful, filled with so many emotions. But in this week’s episode of my podcast, I loved diving into the topic of infidelity with the incredible writer, Jodie Utter.


What Happened

Jodie was married for over twenty years when her husband confessed to an affair. Naturally, she confesses to being devastated when she heard the news.

But that’s not all she had to deal with.

Her husband’s affair was discovered in his workplace and then fed to the media (he worked it law enforcement), so not only did she have to live through it personally, but she had the added stress of it playing out in public. And to add to all of that trauma, Jodie says he then lost his job.

Strength Found through Trial

It’s easy to think this story is going to turn out badly, but that’s not the case. Jodie and her family have come a long way–and while she admits that it’s been incredibly difficult at times, she has used this difficult chapter in her life to help other people going through the same thing.

The Next Chapter

Jodie’s writing has been shared thousands of times on Facebook, and her blog Utter Imperfection, houses all the writing she has does on the topic, and her Facebook page has become a landing spot for a tight-knit group of women who can openly share their own experiences and feelings.

I can’t recommend checking out her words enough. And when you sign up to her mailing list on her blog, you get her free eBook too!

It was an honor to speak with Jodie and to help make a little less taboo this issue that so many relationships encounter. A big thanks to Jodie for opening her heart to all of us; I hope you find strength and inspiration in her words as much as I did.

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