When the Napping Days are Done

If you see me rocking back and forth in a random corner today, eyes closed and muttering soothing sounds to myself, it’s because I fear we are approaching a very not so easy milestone in our household these days.

It pains me to say it, but I fear we are approaching the end of the Reliable Nap for my daughter.

We’ve had a few days where, despite my best efforts, I couldn’t get her down for her regular afternoon snooze. At not-quite-2 1/2, this would be considered a bit early by most normal kid standards, so clearly the kid is trying to be an overachiever in this category.  …… 😐  <– That is me. So excited about this.

My son (now 4) dropped his afternoon nap one fine winter afternoon, just days after his third birthday, and never looked back. We went from a glorious 3-hour-long stretch of relative peace in our household, to…well…not that.

Having one young child who no longer naps is one thing, but having two toddlers who don’t nap anymore? That’s another beast entirely. All the consecutive episodes of PJ Masks in the universe aren’t enough to keep the two squirming capsules of pure kinetic energy that are children still long enough for me to relax.

Which all leads me to my latest assignment for the week—scouring the internet for tips on toddler napping, and then probably ignoring all the advice and grinding my teeth and just dealing with the situation we’ve got, anyway.

Is 2 ½ too young to babysit? Because with all this new time on our hands, maybe we can start training her to watch her baby sister starting in May. Just a thought.

In the meantime, any tips are appreciated! See you soon! I’ll be the one you see at the store with giant dark circles under my eyes.

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