Why You Need a Jean Skirt (or 3) in Your Wardrobe

Are you like me and do you suffer from SDS, or Shorts Doubting Syndrome?

You know the symptoms… When you put on a pair of jean shorts and move a certain way, and suddenly you’re overcome with an intense fear that parts are falling out that shouldn’t fall out? …and then you doubt that you should be wearing them in the first place?

My guess is if you’re over the age of 15 you are screaming YES.

I think there should be an entire subcategory of jean shorts for women who are young enough to enjoy their cuteness and practicality, but too old to be wearing a pair of denim undies.

Full disclosure: I have worn what could probably be called “denim undies” before, and they are cute and awesome for nights out and vacations in Miami and quick reminders that I haven’t quite aged out of all cute things just yet, but for the most part they aren’t practical. They’re not for school dropoff/pickup, grocery shopping, dog-walking or other mundane goings-on wherein I do not want those in my vicinity to be intimately acquainted with my butt cheeks.

But here is something else you can try that might give you that same denim feel without the worry that you are going to flash the bagger at Safeway… [drum roll] The trusty denim skirt!

Welcome back, 90s. Thank you for delivering us from our fashion dilemmas yet again.

This pink one from Topshop is one of two I got from the brand; they fit incredibly and the price point is perfect!

Why Try a Denim Skirt?

They’re Simple and Classic

You really can’t help but look anything but put-together with a denim skirt, especially one in a vibrant color.

A skirt silhouette is always classic, and you really can wear this out or just out-and-about and look equally appropriate.

They’re Automatically a Little Dressed Up

…but you can still dress them down.

Unlike jean shorts, which always lean casual, denim skirts have a little more polish and you can look a little more dressed up, even if you pair it with just a t-shirt and sandals.

But if it’s comfort you’re after, just pair them with a cute pair sneakers and go! I like these or these, which would also look adorable with a denim skirt!

They’re Comfortable

I mean, need I say more? Nothing wrapped around your legs individually. No weird moments when you get out of the car and have to pull them down into place. No weird creases.

Also, there is no ride-up factor with skirts like there is with denim shorts. You know exactly what I’m talking about. (#hungrybutt)

I’ve got this same skirt in regular denim and have been wearing them non-stop in this end-of-summer heat. If you’re looking for a cute denim skirt at a great price point, check it out below!

And I love this post from The Stripe about her frustration with the jean shorts. Definitely check it out and see her favorite jean shorts finds!

Skirt // Top // Sunglasses (Similar) // Sandals


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