Wide Leg Pants Are Back, and This 90s Girl is HERE FOR IT

There are so many trends and fads of the 90s that we all agreed, for a time, should never see the light of day again (FUBU jeans and brown lips, I’m looking at you); but when they appear again on people much more fashionable than I, all of a sudden look… dare I say… cool again??

I really wasn’t anticipating the day that I’d be all in favor of the wide leg pant again, because I am such a fan of the skinny jean look; but when I started to see the style pop back up in my favorite stores and boutiques, I was coerced back into it. And you know what? I am HERE for it.

The Benefits of Wide-Leg Pants

Comfort. The end!

But seriously. The wide leg pant hides an array of holiday-induced body changes (holiday-, hormone-induced or otherwise) that a skinny pant could never.

Because they’re not clinging to your every curve, they also leave a little bit to the imagination.

The Chic Factor

Is it just me, or is the silhouette of a good trouser or wide-leg pant the ultimate in simple chic? The lines, the way they drape over the shoe, the swishiness when you walk… All are a big YES.

The Wide-Leg Pants I'm Loving

THESE. All day, these. Since buying these Alice and Olivia pants a month ago, I can’t stop wearing them. Holiday parties, date nights, to bed at night… I kid. But seriously, they’re good everywhere.

The lines of these pants are perfection. The way they fall is divine. I’m not a fashion writer so I’m struggling for the best way to describe the way they fit but the best I can come up with is, holy crap… Comfortable.

alice and olivia wide leg trouser pants

A True Fashion Investment

That word is thrown around a lot in our consumer-driven culture–and while I could get a little dorky on you and decry the trappings of the consumerist cycle and probably technically argue against this whole “This item of clothing is an ‘investment!!!'” argument… the bottom line is, a sister’s gotta live. And to live, you gotta look nice every once in a while. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  And you don’t need to be Anna freaking Wintour to know that you’ll wear clothing items that actually feel good to wear.

These pants? That’s them. They’ll stay in your closet long after the trends come and go, and will serve you the whole time.

I mean, black pants. Does it get any more “investment” than that?

Wear Them Like This

I like mine with either a sleeker top silhouette–think bodysuit, camisole tucked in, or other tighter top–I also think these pants look super chic with an off-the-shoulder, looser sweater.

You can see how I styled mine above, but…

Here are a few other ways I’d wear them…

With a Camisole (add a Blazer if You Want!)

With a Bodysuit

Off-the-Shoulder Sweater

trouser pants Alice and olivia
trouser pants Alice and olivia
alice and olivia wide leg trouser pants

Have you gotten back on the wide leg pant trend? Any favorite styles? I’m all ears! Let me know in Comments below!


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