Yep. We’re Definitely Back to School.

One of the most accurate ways a parent can measure whether her household is officially back to school is by the first Catching of the Bug. And by Bug, I mean stomach-devouring, vomit-inducing, rapidly-spreading virus. So yes, if you’re wondering, we are most definitely “back to school” over here.

back to school catching the bug
Just me. In bed. Not puking, PRAISE THE LORD.

A couple Fridays ago Andrew and I took the big kids to Disney for their Not So Scary Halloween celebration at Magic Kingdom. (Quick tip: If you’re thinking of going, the earlier in the season, the better. It was mid-September and the event was already PACKED just two weeks after it started.)

On our way back home, we got a call from the sitter that little S had vomited. Not once, not twice, but three times. As soon as we got home, I literally ran through the shower–because nothankyou to theme park germs on my bed–and then bolted upstairs to grab her. I knew she would want to be stuck to me all night since she was sick; and during those overnight snuggles the poor thing threw up again twice.

As much as I like to think I’ve built up a pretty strong immunity to the bevy of germs and bugs that make their way through our house, apparently it wasn’t enough. Because when this particular virus hit me two days later, it was Bad. Capital B Bad. Oh hell, it was all three capital letters B-A-D.

Body aches. Stomach pains.

Chills so deep I had on four blankets and a heating pad tucked under my legs. And puke. So, so much puke.

I think a fair litmus test for the strength of a relationship is if your partner still can love you after witnessing you full-body hurling into a plastic bucket in bed without screaming in disgust and running for the door. Because Andrew somehow didn’t run in horror that night, God bless him.

And then I did what every good wife would do next–I passed the bug right along to him. And he to our older daughter, two days later.

I’d regale you with more Puke Tales, but I think you get the idea of how the majority of last week went for us. (Interested parties please buy stock in Clorox because they should be seeing a big boom in demand from our household.)

Getting back on track

Anyhow, all of this to say, I think we are close to being back on track over here. And although we didn’t get tested, I’m guessing the virus we tangoed with was, indeed, the flu, or some version of it, given that we got a notice it was going around the kids’ school only a week prior.

So, sorry for the dearth of posts lately. I’ve nursed myself back to health, and after several afternoons spent binge watching I’m Sorry and sipping lime Gatorade, I think I’m back. For now, at least. Until the next bug.

Stay safe out there. I’ll be over here bleach-wiping our entire house if you need me.


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