Yes, That Silk Pillowcase is Totally Worth It

High on the list of They-Sure-Look-Like-Scams is the silk pillowcase. Like, if I read one more influencer (gag) or blogger post about about why “This is a TOTAL LIFESAVER FOR A BLOWOUT GUYSSSSSS,” I was going to hurl. And then I got a silk pillowcase.


Yep. Even after the first night sleeping on it, I ate my words. Because you know what? I noticed the benefits right away. Let’s run through them!

Here's Why I Became a Silk Pillowcase Convert

First things first, there’s the comfort factor.

Hard to argue with something soft and, well, silky on your face, versus a cotton pillowcase that can feel a little rough in comparison. My cheeks slide across it when I flip over in bed (like a thousand times, because I’m a stomach/side sleeper), and I never feel uncomfortable.

It’s also better for your skin.

The thing about silk pillowcase is that it’s less porous than cotton, which means that it’s not absorbing the same amount of moisture from your skin that a cotton ‘case would. And that translates to skin that holds onto moisture better. And that translates to skin that feels more moisturized when you wake up.

And do you ever wake up with pillow lines on your face? *raises all the hands* With a silk pillowcase, that’s much less likely to happen.

Why am I such a dork though? That is one question I still can't answer for you.

And yes, those influencers are right. It can also help keep your hair healthier.

The same moisture concept that applies to the skin goes for your hair, too. The smooth surface of the silk pillowcase means it will leave that hydration exactly where you want it–in your hair, and not on your pillow. And the longer you can have hydrated hair, the better shot you have at growing it out in a healthy way.

Less friction can also mean less breakage. So if you’re someone who highlights her hair–which automatically makes it more prone to breaking–this would be a great investment to keep your hair in check for longer between coloring.

And one more thing: It might preserve your style better, too. One tester swore her air-dried waves looked noticeably better after sleeping on a silk pillowcase versus her typical cotton one. You decide, but after seeing the pics I tend to agree.

Hop on the Wagon... You Know You Want to

Are those reasons enough? My thought is, it’s a small investment to see lots of benefits. And yes, they’re pretty immediate.

All that being said, here’s the pillowcase I use!

And I’ve linked some other options below, too:

Happy beauty sleep, friends!


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