You Can Take the Girl Out of TV News…

In my past life, I was a “TV lady.”

If you’re new to this site and don’t know my backstory, I worked for 15 years in television, 13 of them in local news, reporting and anchoring on local and national news.

loved my job. For someone who feels it’s her actual calling in life to share information and stories, it was a true dream job for me.

I did not, however, love the impact that my crazy night shift was wreaking on my life and health. So I walked away. It was a tough call, but one that I haven’t regretted for a moment since doing it.

All that being said, I have made some new friends in the industry even since leaving, and Scott Jones from FTVLive is one of them.

If you’re not into keeping up with the ins and outs of the TV news hiring/firing cycle, at least follow him for his behind-the-curtain reporting on the Sinclair controversy that’s going on right now. You know, the one where a huge corporation is telling local news anchors what to say on their broadcasts, word for word, in multiple markets.

On this topic I will be blunt but also concise: You need to be worried about this.

Anyhow, back to lighter topics. Thanks for the chance to drive around nowhere and talk about nothing, Scott! Seriously, it was fun! (I also tell him how to get out of a speeding ticket.)

Enjoy! Oh, and while you’re on YouTube, subscribe to my channel too! There’s more video content coming soon there as well. 😉

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